Time Management for Students

Time Management

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

                                                                           – Abraham Lincoln

“I don’t have the time!” This is the shortest, easiest summation of the escapist attitude towards expectations and responsibilities. Most of us live very complex and hectic lives, being pre-occupied has become mandatory to an extent. During such times of dynamism it is the students and young learners who need to master the art of knowing how and where to invest their time.

There is an abundance of knowledge with the increasing popularity of the internet and other study resources, herein arises the importance of qualitative growth. Here are a few ways through which a student can maximise his potential whilst putting in the same amount of time, but in a planned and well-executed way:

  • Get motivated, stay motivated.
  • Break down your workload into chunks and understand the importance of what needs your attention the most.
  • Keep in consideration the time, surroundings and resources that escalate your performance.
  • Use a planning tool (to do list, worksheet etc.) to prioritize and allocate your efforts. It is equally important to execute as planned.
  • Know and understand the difference between what is urgent and what needs your attention based on what the results of your actions will be.

Set short, realistic targets and work in a smooth, well-structured way to ensure you reach those targets. Have a clear view of the target and do not let perceptions and opinions around you deter from your chosen path.

The highlight of your struggle against time should be your control over the expected as well as unexpected outcomes. Remember, we all have not more than 24 hours in a day.


10 ways to have a more productive year

productive year

“We are what we frequently do.”


Most of you would be regularly surprised by the elusive and uncanny nature of time and how it seems to glide past you. Minutes, hours and days go by and pretty soon you find yourself making a new set of resolutions again.

The point of focus should be being efficient and effective; there is no single being on the face of this planet that gets more than his allotted share of twenty-four hours in a day. The glaring contrast between productive utilization of time and effort, and the outcome of procrastinating and under-performing is there for all to see; you will never run out of examples and yesteryear legends. Let not the daily hassles and mindless tasks trick your brain into mistaking them for an accomplishment.

Here are a few pointers that may help you make the most out of the everyday bursts of motivation or your daily dose for enriching yourselves for a better tomorrow:


  • The easiest way to get something done is to start doing it.
  • There are no perfect short-cuts. Create routines, practice.
  • Be aware and adapt to your working schedule. Remember, our energy waxes and wanes at different hours of the day.
  • Know your strengths and work in sync with them, knowing at all times when you are at your motivated best.
  • Try short bursts of focused and concentrated work, instead of the usual belief that more the time invested = higher the productivity.
  • Willpower and patience are a finite resource and can burn out quick. Plan and use them wisely.
  • If multitasking is not your forte, be confident enough to let go of tasks which are dragging you down.
  • Assess your sleep pattern and accordingly schedule the most demanding or draining work.
  • Have your own to – do list (daily, weekly, etc.; depending on your ulterior goals) and try keeping track of your progress.
  • Try mastering the art of differentiating between the urgent and the important.

There are many ways and varied versions of attaining and maintaining high productivity, all true and applicable in their own ways. But all these are just mere pointers to help you make the all-important “start”. Eventually, it all boils down to believing and dedicating yourself to work towards your aims. Remember, in the end it’s all about making your actions speak louder than your words.

Reasons to Thank Your Teacher

reasons to thank
“If you can read this, thank a teacher.”
– Anonymous

The word “teacher” implies the flow of knowledge and skills from one person to another. Throughout our entire careers as students, we encounter a tremendous amount of teachers. Each one impacts our educational career in some way or another.

Not only are teachers some of the smartest, most compassionate people we know, but they do work that few of us could accomplish on our best days. Infectious workaholics or cheerful powerhouses, each has a way to leave an ever-lasting mark on the innocent minds they take under their wings. Here’s a list of the few reasons, out of the countless more, why teachers need to be thanked.

HEAD STRONG- Understanding how difficult it is to deal with young people who have very different minds, understanding capabilities, home lives and backgrounds. Yet the ease and composure with which a batch of hyper, eager and excited kids is handled is worth thanking them and much more.

DEDICATION- As a teacher you cannot have ‘off days’ or even be in a bad mood. Every day you have to be on top of your game, organized, lively, enthusiastic because you will have a classroom full of faces looking at you and expecting you to be the same as you are.

STABILITY- On any given day, you never know what you might say or do that will leave a life-long impression on your kids. Children are often better than adults at noticing that something is wrong. However, unlike adults they are likely to call you out on it, or at the very least respond negatively through bad behaviour or laziness.

VISION- In other professions, the people you come into contact with, colleagues or customers, you will have an effect on their day-to-day professional lives but not have a great impact on their personal and future lives. the experiences we have in school affects our future in terms of our personality, motivation and aspirations.

CONTENTMENT- Teachers care ! This may sound strange to list as a reason to be appreciated, but that is only because it’s something easily taken for granted. Though they are ‘paid’ for it and it is their ‘job’, most of us tend to forget that it is humanly impossible to be under appreciated yet focused to keep doing what we do best.

It’s time to thank you for replacing, an empty mind with an open one. A shaky heart to a sturdy one. Making, a wayward thinker a visionary one. And a long life a learned one.
Help us thank all your mentors, guides, philosophers, friends or whatever role your teachers donned, to know that we care and we owe them more than we can pay.