Faith and Patience of our Teachers

patience of teachers

There are many virtues which add up to make a great educator. Some are known for their smiling approach to teaching, the others for their charm and flair and then there are those who are remembered for their strict yet fun and productive teaching techniques. But the common ingredient to the perfect mix of teaching whilst making learning a fun concept is the FAITH rested in the abilities of their students and the PATIENCE they poses to endure the most trying of situations.

Some students can comprehend subject material with minimal effort, while others may require more extensive explanations that may have to be repeated a number of times.

A teacher should be kind and patient because he or she never knows the background of the child in which he or she is teaching. He or she could have a learning disability, emotional problems, etc. Teachers never know how much psychological damage any of her acts has on a child. It can make the child lash out on the teacher, other students, themselves. It is their job to educate and appreciate the child’s individual and unique strengths and weaknesses. Without the virtue of patience, teachers would have difficulty enduring the qualities that are so natural to young people: refusing to follow directions, upsetting the class, promoting a bad spirit among other students, and ridiculing and making fun of teachers.

Teachers generally have extensive knowledge of the subject matter they teach. Most were able to master those subjects with minimal effort. The aim is appreciating the fact that each student may display different levels of aptitude for different subjects. A good teacher will possess this understanding, and be willing to take the time to reach those students who don’t display strong aptitudes in certain subjects. Reaching these students may help them overcome their anxieties over certain subjects, and may even stimulate greater interest in those students to further their education.

Concern for their students yet faith in their potential is another required characteristic for being a good teacher. This concern should not only apply to interested learners who actively participate in class. It is more important to show concern for those students who sit in the back of the class, and act disinterested. Teachers who show interest in their students will be rewarded with students showing improved performance on exams and class assignments.

Good teachers are a valuable asset to any school; whether it is a pre-school, or a respected university. Their goal is to inspire their students to learn, long after they complete their formal education.

What is the sum of all human knowledge?

Is it even possible to accurately answer that question?


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