7 Study Hacks To Help Crack IIT-JEE


Over 10,00,000 students take IIT-JEE each year, but only a small percentile make it. The most essential step in cracking any competitive examination is to believe that you have it in you to realize your dream. With this perspective, as you prepare for IIT-JEE means you’ve won half the battle.

Now, let’s find out how to win the other half:

  • Plan a study timetable. One of the challenges aspirants face is the problem of managing their time effectively. The best way to do this is to plan your study well in advance, and then to stick to the plan consistently. Pay judicious attention to the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Start with the basics. Take special care in ensuring that all your basics are clear. Focus on topics you have trouble with, and be persistent in getting the basics cleared for the same.
  • Time yourself. This will help you be mindful of the time barrier. Every question that you attempt should be completed within the stipulated time.
  • Practice self-reliance and never leave a question half-solved. Don’t jump to the solutions section before trying to get the right answer yourself a few times. This will teach you self-reliance, and help you with any problems you might have in the basic understanding of the question and concepts.
  • Have a conceptual approach. While reading a question carefully before attempting is expected, it’s also important to look for the concept the question needs you to apply when attempting to solve it. This will help you understand the problem to be solved in a leveled and proper manner.
  • Avoid burning the midnight oil. Our minds are the freshest after we sleep, and studies have shown that we retain information better when we study after a good night’s sleep. Rise at 6 AM and sleep at 11 PM. This will keep your brain activity at maximum in the mornings, and will help you on the day that you take the exam.
  • Take 2 hours each day to do something you enjoy. Unwinding after long hours of studying is as important as regularity and consistency in preparation. Giving yourself time to relax with a hobby or sport of your choice will help you de-stress and avoid anxiety before the exam.

With these 7 steps, you’ll be better prepared to take the IIT-JEE exam. Do you have any personal favourite study hacks of your own? Share them with us in the comments. 🙂

How To Prepare For IIT-JEE


JEE consists of two levels: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Before you start preparing for IIT JEE, it is important to understand the structure of the exam.

The JEE Main is three hours long and consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. The exam has three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Each section has 30 questions, having equal weightage.

The JEE Advanced is very different from the main exam. It has the same topics as the mains, but it is divided into two three-hour long papers. Each paper has three sections divided according to topics. It is considered tough as compared to JEE Main.

IIT JEE can be a difficult exam to crack. It requires a lot of preparation and hard work. Here are some steps that will help you crack it in your first attempt:

1. Use Class XII textbooks first: NCERT books will definitely help you start the preparation, as they briefly cover most of the topics.

2. Know the topics well: Even though both the exams have the same subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Maths, the topics and the level of difficulty is very different. Know what to prepare for which exam. Read the syllabus before you start preparing.

3. Don’t use too many books to prepare: Select a handful of books that you can keep referring to. Too many books may confuse you. Some of the suggested books published by Pearson are given below.

4. Clear your fundamentals before starting difficult topics: Knowing the basic topics will help you understand the difficult topics. You will save on a lot of time and effort. The exam tests students on their understanding of the topics.

5. Revise: Once you are done with a difficult topic make sure you revise it so you can retain it better. Revision is very important.

6. Practice papers are very important: Keep solving the previous year’s papers. They will help you prepare, and boost your confidence. Make sure you finish the papers in the prescribed time.

7. Manage your time: Make sure you have enough time to cover all the topics. Don’t leave too many things for the last minute.

8. Plan: A well planned preparation is much better than a disorganised one. Make lists, get a calendar and make sure you stick to the plan.

Here’s a list of books that will help you ace the test:

S.No Name of Book Author ISBN Buy on Flipkart
1. A Crash Course in Mathematics for the JEE MAINS 2015 Dinesh Khattar 9789332541535 Click To Buy
2. A Crash Course in Chemistry for the JEE MAINS 2015 K. K. Arora 9789332541542 Click To Buy
3. A Crash Course in Physics for the JEE Mains 2015 Ravi Raj Dudeja 9789332541559 Click To Buy
4. Objective Physics for the JEE Mains 2015, 1/e Sanjeev Kumar 9789332536975 Click To Buy
5. Objective Mathematics for the JEE Mains 2015, 1/e Dinesh Khattar 9789332536982 Click To Buy
6. Objective Chemistry for the JEE Mains 2015, 1/e Atul Singhal 9789332536968 Click To Buy
7. Chapter-wise Solution JEE Main Physics Bhupendra Sudan 9789332537798 Click To Buy
8. Chapter-wise Solution JEE Main Chemistry Shivanand Upadhyay/Neha Upadhyay 9789332537811 Click To Buy
9. Chapter-wise Solution JEE Main Mathematics Bhupinder Singh Tomar/ Hansa Soni 9789332537804 Click To Buy

Pearson Learning Centre hosts Bangalore’s largest CET Strategy Session

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Aims at preparing CET/JEE/AIPMT aspirants for future career planning
Bangalore, 21st July, 2014: Pearson Learning Centre, a part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company hosted a ‘Mega Strategy Session’ in Bangalore today for CET/JEE/AIPMT aspiring students. Mr. Venkat Phanikiran, an IIT Delhi alumni and a national level entrance expert led the session at which he provided counseling and guidance to the students on topics such as ‘how to fine-tune strategies’ to succeed in the entrance exams in the days ahead.

Mr. Venkat Phanikiran also shared information on various Engineering/Medical Entrance exams in India with the students and guided them on how to balance between preparing simultaneously for Board & Entrance exams.
Mr. Venkat Phanikiran also shared information on various Engineering/Medical Entrance exams in India with the students and guided them on how to balance between preparing simultaneously for Board & Entrance exams.

Strategy session shared methods and techniques which were successfully used by over thousands of students who have studied for the CET / AIEEE/ IIT-JEE at Pearson Learning Centre. The centre which is popular for teaching quick problem-solving and time-saving methods had helped students to reach their full potential.

“The mega strategy session is an initiative that is in line with our commitment of providing world-class education solutions to our students. This is the time of the year when students start planning for their future careers and seek information on the various choices they have. We believe this session will help them gain insights from experts in the field of education and help them make informed choices,” said Vinod Viswanathan, Head – Pearson Learning Centre.