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  1. i wish to have more knowledge for education in india as i am perusing for M.ed in gujarat.as like the survey done for educations is done .

  2. Hi,

    My daughter is in 5th standard currently and studies a school in Jaipur. What is the process of admission in 6th class in Jaipur branch?


  3. Hi
    Looking at admitting my daughter for class 5 and son for class 1 at Amar Jyothi Public School Bangalore.
    What would the student teacher ratio be and do they support till class 12.
    What is Manipal k-12 role in the management of the school?

    • Hi, Sunitha!

      On an average the student teacher ratio is 25:1, but this varies a bit from class to class. If you could please share your contact details, we’ll have a representative from our school connect with you & assist you further. 🙂

  4. We had bad experience with the front office lady Shami.

    We had been going to the school from Jan 2015 to May 2015 to enquirer and admit my kid to necessary.

    She had been telling same dialog when ever we go to her “no seat” like seat are full and But on 18th may morning we enquirer in the morning 9 am again same reply, we returned back with disappointment and on the same 2 of my other neighbor went to school to admit there kid.

    But see had seat for them she admitted both of them.

    Finally we got to know she is had done injustice to us and at 11 30 AM we went to school asking for reason of reject and what is your criteria of selection etc.

    The reply she gave me.

    1. You don’t have any other school why are you coming offer here.
    2. Its our wish to select or reject a kid.and we have rejected you kid.

    Then i asked her please let us know the reason of rejection.

    That lady have no answer.

    • Hi, Seetha. We will escalate this issue to the management. In the meanwhile, please share your contact details, the name of the School you visited and the grade in which you’re seeking admission for your child.

  5. This issue is with respect to your school in Hyderabad – Hillside school Jubilee Hills. In Social they have completed 10 lessons in 12 days i.e. SA 1 portion without explaining and proper notes for class 10. Hope you understand that this will affect our children’s grade in final and we are not ready to accept this.
    2ndly the school has given a project to class 9 students as “Interdisciplinary project” this project is copied from the below mentioned URL, they have just changed the school name:
    http://www.drsinternational.com/images/Holiday Homework May15/Grade IX CBSE – INTEGRATED PROJECT.pdf. May I except a positive action from your side.
    I have not mentioned by Name and Email as not sure if this will affect my child’s future.

      • Teacher’s are expecting to complete the projects to be completed on time, however, there is no guidance from class teacher on how to manage project. They are behind completing their portion. They have not even shown a sample of the project which may help children to get an idea and set an expectation for how to complete the project.
        Please note this is pressurizing children which may effect their exams staring from 1st of September’15 and poor performance in exam may lead to depression and other mental stress. Request you to kindly look into this on urgency and help students.

      • Hey, please get in touch with the Principal of the concerned about the same for a speedy resolution on the matter. Could you also share the name of the school you’re referring to?

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