10 Study Tips For GATE 2016 Aspirants

In today’s competitive market, everyone is looking for course or a degree to give an edge to their career. Cracking the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is considered prestigious for undergraduate engineers.

GATE has become an important doorway for aspirants who are looking for a Masters in the technical and research field. The minimum eligibility criteria for any candidate to appear for GATE is to have a graduate degree in any subject like BSc, BTech, B.Pharm, BA etc.

Now when you know the importance of GATE, the next question you will ask is, how to crack it? The only way to crack it is to study hard and keep yourself focused.

Here are top 10 exclusive tips which can help you crack this prestigious exam called GATE 2016:

  1. GATE is not a syllabus-based exam. It’s an assessment of your understanding of concepts and its practical application when required. It’s important to understand the concept well and practice the questions accordingly.
  2. GATE assesses your approach towards a particular problem. Therefore, if you find your answer taking more than 8 steps, change your strategy to solve that problem.
  3. GATE questions are tricky to answer, which will require you to work on your speed and accuracy when you are preparing for this competitive exam.
  4. After completing every topic, develop a habit of checking your performance with previous year model test papers. Make notes, and use flashcards for quick revision.
  5. Use innovative and intuitive ways to solve problems. It’s not necessary to solve every question. Try to solve one problem in as many ways as possible. Device your own tips and tricks to reach a correct answer. This will also boost your speed and accuracy.
  6. Understand the importance of positive thinking. Set your goals (e.g; like the institute you want to join, the reference books you want to use, the study schedule you want to follow, etc.) and engrave it at the back of your mind to keep you motivated. Remember that believing in your goals will take you one step closer to it.
  7. Keep working on your doubts and queries, even if it’s your last day of preparation. Doubts will help build your concept and confidence to solve it.
  8. Preparing for GATE is a rigorous process. So keep yourself focused. Develop an aptitude, attitude, concentration level for the next 4-6 months, enough to get into IISC or IITs.
  9. Select course books for your preparation and stick to those. Don’t pick up new reference books at the last minute as it’s bound to cause confusion. Instead, focus on studying the selected books cover to cover. This will help you develop an intuition before solving any question–whether you can answer it or not.
  10. Pearson’s GATE Series, authored by a group of highly-experienced faculty who train GATE students, and are also subject matter experts. Extra care has been taken to present the content in a modular and systematic manner–to facilitate easy understanding of all topics.

For the GATE 2016 aspirant, this series is a one-stop comprehensive solution for your complete GATE preparation:
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BONUS TIP: Stay relaxed and calm before the final paper. 🙂 GATE is a tough exam to crack but it is not impossible. With the Pearson Young Achievers Program, you can gain a focused and step-by-step guidance to achieve your goal.



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