Are You Giving A #Telfie Salute To Your Teachers This Teacher’s Day?


“Celebrate those who you are in your deepest heart.”

Concept of Selfie

Selfie, everyone seems to be posting one. But is the concept truly new? While the Oxford Dictionaries announced that Selfie is their Word of the Year for 2013, the concept goes as far back as 1839! Robert Cornelius, the American pioneer in photography was the first to produce a daguerreotype of himself.
But did you know that the earliest usage of the word ‘Selfie’ goes as far back as 2002? Over the decade, the resurgence of Selfies began with improvements in the design of phone cameras, popularity of photo apps (Instagram) and of Selfie sites (ItisMee).

Why A #Telfie Salute?
Over the last year, Selfies have become an exercise in celebrating yourself and those deepest in your heart. And what could be a better way to laud the beacons of light that shine on you with patience and kindness, this year on Teacher’s Day than with a #Telfie Salute? It’s a simple yet fun concept!

Teacher + Selfie = #Telfie

How To Post A #Telfie

All you have to do to give a #Telfie Salute is take a #Telfie with your beloved teacher who inspires your life every single day and put it up with ‘#Telfie’ on your Facebook or Twitter account. We are giving away prizes for every single entry! To qualify, make sure your #Telfie posts are public. 🙂 So, go on, encourage your friends and family to put up a #Telfie too!

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