Time Management for Students

Time Management

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

                                                                           – Abraham Lincoln

“I don’t have the time!” This is the shortest, easiest summation of the escapist attitude towards expectations and responsibilities. Most of us live very complex and hectic lives, being pre-occupied has become mandatory to an extent. During such times of dynamism it is the students and young learners who need to master the art of knowing how and where to invest their time.

There is an abundance of knowledge with the increasing popularity of the internet and other study resources, herein arises the importance of qualitative growth. Here are a few ways through which a student can maximise his potential whilst putting in the same amount of time, but in a planned and well-executed way:

  • Get motivated, stay motivated.
  • Break down your workload into chunks and understand the importance of what needs your attention the most.
  • Keep in consideration the time, surroundings and resources that escalate your performance.
  • Use a planning tool (to do list, worksheet etc.) to prioritize and allocate your efforts. It is equally important to execute as planned.
  • Know and understand the difference between what is urgent and what needs your attention based on what the results of your actions will be.

Set short, realistic targets and work in a smooth, well-structured way to ensure you reach those targets. Have a clear view of the target and do not let perceptions and opinions around you deter from your chosen path.

The highlight of your struggle against time should be your control over the expected as well as unexpected outcomes. Remember, we all have not more than 24 hours in a day.


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