Teachers: Our Endless Source of Inspiration


“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.” – Khalil Gibran

Schools, educational institutions reflect the attitudes, beliefs and health of the communities they serve. And teachers are the health inspectors; they guide, encourage and cure the society by infusing various important virtues which last a lifetime. To start with, here’s how our imparters of knowledge touched our lives in a few ways;

Confidence – A young mind is like clay, soft and impressionable. Moulding it by instilling characteristics of self-worth and confidence is of utmost importance. Making a kid feel comfortable in his/her own skin is the baby step to the long walk that follows in the journey of the making of a strong headed personality.

Empathy – Many teachers have an impact on their pupils like no one ever, as they are the first ones who kids look upto because they’re supposed to “teach”. It’s as if they walk into our heads and switch the lights on. Knowingly or unknowingly they touch our lives in a way that gives us something which is a part of the rest our lives.

Growth and Progression – Using gentle, insightful and positive techniques as tools to encourage adolescent minds to reach the next level of personal, professional and intellectual growth, thus laying the foundation of a strong structure for the times ahead. Leading by example, they can mesmerise the young ones by getting them to dream and imagine the endless opportunities the world has to offer.

Uniqueness – Undertaking unconventional techniques of imparting knowledge many teachers push us to be iconoclast. Their own scrupulous ways tend to leave a dent on those, who even at a young age, find arts and creativity a way of life. What follows is innovations and creations galore.

Humility Pays, Humility Prevails – Lucky are those who get taught, mentored, advised and befriended by the same individual who they look upto in times of need. Their passion, dedication and infectious enthusiasm gives birth to guilt in the minds of those who find themselves not working hard enough or co-operating.

Open up the treasure boxes of your yesteryears and share your love and compassion for the ones who lead you on to what you are or showed you the paths to wisdom.

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